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Jack will be performing in the Monday Match M
usicAndDance Improvisation:
April 7, 2014 > 20:30

Bimhuis Amsterdam

Piet Heinkade 3
1019 BR Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Bodies Anonymous presented at PodiumBloos (Breda) on the 24th of January’14 during the event Cultuurnacht the first glimpse of the performance ‘Gefallen’. ‘Gefallen’ is one of the main focuses of choreographer Guilherme Miotto in the coming months and will be premiered during next season 14/15.


Myth Again Flyer

MYTH AGAIN #1 at Roodkapje in Rotterdam

After eight days of rehearsals and about a year and a halve of discussions, inspiration sessions and living room reflective performative events we had the chance on the 21st of December '13 at Roodkapje in Rotterdam to open Myth Again #1 on its experimental phase to an audiences. Myth Again (video, movement and image) is an approach to performance via a synergetic mode. We are looking forward to reflect on this first step and carry on exploring the path way which is Myth Again. Myth Again #1 is: Guilherme Miotto, Henk Bakker and Peter van Till

(in France and Israel)


Neuf9 Festival /
30 November ’13

Machol Shalem International Dance Festival /
2 & 3 December ’13

Two performers in an urban dungeon. A dark bats nest.
Regardless of their different backgrounds and personal stories, they are condemned to each other. They're prepared to be punished. But whilst enclosed in a place with no exit, they've long forgotten why.

Two men sentenced to a virtuosic ritual. There is no sign of recognition, only the power of urgency in each other's presence. The time. The space. The light above the bats nest goes out.

UNPUNISHED - publicity pictureUNPUNISHED - publicity pictureUNPUNISHED - publicity picture

Performance & Choreography: Guilherme Miotto & Johnny Lloyd
Stage design: Peter Missotten
Music: Henk Bakker
Concept/Direction: Guilherme Miotto
Dramaturgy: Jack Gallagher
Management: Jack Gallagher/Guilherme Miotto
(Bodies Anonymous)


'takes the audience by the throat'  
Brabants Dagblad

'extremely strong'  

Unpunished is a Bodies Anonymous production,
co - produced by het Euregionaal dansplatform, een initiatief van Maastricht & Euregio kandidaat Culturele Hoofdstad 2018 van Europa, uitgevoerd door Theater aan het Vrijthof Maastricht.

Supported by:  
Filmfabriek, Bierbeek be.
PodiumBloos, Breda nl.
Korzo Theater, Den Haag nl.
Station Zuid, Tilburg nl.

De NWE Vorst, Tilburg nl.
Performing Arts Funds NL

Divided We Stand, Hungarian Premiere
mu színház,
Budapest, hu.
29 & 30 November '13

30 minute piece commissioned by MUTerminal, Budapest, hu.

Divided We Stand Arty 5
Divided We Stand is built on the struggle with oneself and the necessary counterpart for materializing our dreams energetically…with someone else.
In today's context of deep rooted feelings of social instability and strife, a simple familiar form finally appears on stage: the duet. Yet with Gallagher's radical and sublime signature language, the piece pops the fantasy bubble. Attractions and repulsions abruptly meet, exposing a 'tension field' where attention is embodied between human beings and their ever changing conditions.  Divided We Stand is a delicate and violent exposure of the establishing of and functioning of partnerships. He explores and questions assumptions, idealisms and fixed notions associated with representation and ultimately the utopian romanticism of today's public messages.

Divided We Stand Arty 5

Dance: Dora Asztalos,
Anita Barabas
Adrienn Hoffmann, Mátyás Ruzsom,
Choreography: Jack Gallagher/Bodies Anonymous

Assistance by Marcella Moret

Light Design: Adam Fejes
Music Arranged and Composed by Jack Gallagher

Choreographic Management: Jack Gallagher/Guilherme Miotto

(Bodies Anonymous)



Mankind is always going somewhere, always wanting to be something. According to Nietzsche this was quite logical, because man is nothing. We are a transition between what we were and what we should be. The mongrel from Darwin's cabinet type - Half animal, half something nobler.

With art, sex and religion we try to grab the higher. The complex is that you can only reach The higher if you let go of The higher - A reasoning to maddening. For in the eye of madness, is the gateway to beauty and enlightenment.

Six characters are trapped in a space between good and evil, reality and ideal, life and death. Making art they try to fight the void but art is born out of boredom and only leads to more boredom and irritation especially!

In desperation they proceed to a point where all existing values ​​go bankrupt. In contact with bottomless ugliness they find salvation from the ideal. Rather a successful animal, than a failed man ...


Übermensch was specially made for the event Cultuur Nacht, Tilburg / 26 of October ’13
Tickets at:

Concept, Choreography and Direction: Guilherme Miotto & Boy Jonkergouw
Text: Boy Jonkergouw
Created with and performed by: Bryan Atmopawiro, Yuri Leysner, Marieke Reijnen, Bas Roijen, Zerline Weidveld & Melanie Weijters

Raped Europeans
Premiere: 18 October > Mu Theater, Budapest, hu.
Raped Europeans PosterRapKoeseg5-8

Photos: Imre Kővágó Nagy

Video: Imre Kővágó Nagy

Europe…Zeus was enamored of Europa and decided to seduce or ravish her, the two being near-equivalent in Greek myth. Under the auspices of Hungarian Director/Choreographer Krisztián Gergey, and international cast assembles to explore the myths and the implications of austerity packages, present day constuctivist social wet dreams, and governments that simply break down and give up.

We the people, the disenfranchised, cut out of the discussion, occupied by distraction, losing our collective capital, are being seduced and ravished: the two being near equivalent in todays myth ridden global economy. It's old school all the way.

The European Goulash Party:everyone's invited - the ravisher, the consumerist, the fetishist, the constitutionalist, the spiritualist, the artist, so long as they comply with the dress code.


Operatic in scope, amusing and down right knee slapingly funny, Raped Europeans goes for a walk in the post industrial economic theme park, and the freaks are out dancing tonight, highlighting the irony of today's crises led mock democracies seducing us all with the negotiations concerning the table scraps of bullishly obscene.

Concept, Choreography and Direction:
Krisztián Gergey
Created and performed by: Adam Fejes, Adrienne Hoffmann, Jack Gallagher, Marcella Moret, Laura Vogels and Krisztián Gergey.


Minus is a dynamic portrait of a disjointed relationship. In their self induces blindness the couple - which at times resemble headless chickens - search for a long gone future. Remorse overwhelms their defeated bodies.

Choreography: Guilherme Miotto
Created with and performed by: Julia Akkermans & Joey Schrauwen
Music: Justin Wiggan


Minus was specially created for the event Ogentroost at Podiumbloos (Breda) on the 21st of September ’13 and has been presented during the festival ‘Fricties’ in Hasselt (Belgium) on the 22nd of November’13.

sluts of possession 4 copy

Where is the intersection between rational thought and instinctual action?
Where does the mind travel when possessed by a powerful emotion or an invasive soul?
Where is the boundary that separates the brain from the spirit?
Can we truthfully record the collective minds and dreams of a foreign and distant culture?

Choreographers Rosie Kay and Guilherme Miotto, together with filmmaker Louis Price investigate the spaces between emotion and consciousness, delving into themes such as possession, tribal ritual and anthropological notation of human interaction. Miotto and Kay, two virtuoso dance artists, perform the duet themselves, whilst a tactile fusion of ethnographic archive imagery donated by the Pitt Rivers Museum (Oxford), and newly created film material, houses them in shapes of light and imagery.


Sluts of Possession comments playfully on the so called distinctions between primitive and developed culture, highlighting outmoded colonial barriers that haunt ‘civilized’ society and its attitude to foreign cultures. For its 40 minutes running time, Sluts will seduce the rational minds of the viewer, and expose the flip-side of perception using the tools at its disposal: physicality, movement, light, projected film, and sound.


Sluts of Possession makes its world premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe, it also marks the second collaboration at the festival for Rosie Kay and Guilherme Miotto after the acclaimed duet Asylum premiered in Edinburgh 2005.


''...a fractured journey into the dark heart of other cultures...'' '' arresting attempt to capture primal states of being..."
The Times

''...get under the skin of primal rituals, trance dance and the altered states that ensue..."
The Herald

"...a fascinating new show, which invades consciousness through its physicality and mesmeric power.''
The Skinny

“...a physical tour de force as the couple perform an anthropological compendium of trance or ritual dances...
Sluts of Possession is an absorbing, fascinating encounter…”
The Guardian

“…they dance with the projections, interacting with the images as they move into and out of the projector beam. In one sequence their silhouettes loom large on the screen, obscuring the footage going on behind them and becoming anthropological subjects themselves. The effect is uncanny…”

Supported by:
en plein public festival
de NWE Vorst
Two’s company dance management
Dance Base
Edinburg Festival
Pit Rivers Museum
de FilmFabriek

sluts of possession 5 copy

Concept & Direction: Guilherme Miotto, Rosie Kay & Louis Price
Choreography & Performance: Guilherme Miotto & Rosie Kay
Film: Louis Price
Stage & Lights: Peter Missotten
Music: from the anthropological database of the Pitt Rivers Museum (Oxford, uk.).


August ’13
29.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
23.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
20.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
17.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
16.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
15.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
14.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
13.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
11.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
10.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
9.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
8.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
7.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
6.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
4.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
3.Sluts of Possession
Edinburgh Festival, EDINBURGH sco.
2.Sluts of Possession (premiere)

July ’13
20.Sluts of Possession (work-in-progress)
en plein public, ETEN - LEUR nl.
19.Sluts of Possession (work-in-progress)
en plein public, BREDA nl.

June ’13
28.Sluts of Possession (work-in-progress)
DanceBase, EDINBURGH sco.